Jin Zhen has been paying close attention to the co-growth of strategic partners since he was founded. He has always been committed to sharing experiences, learning from each other, researching and innovating together with strategic partners, and developing global macro vision and fast development strategies. In the past 10 years, the rapid development of the company can not do without the support of all strategic partners, here, we are deeply grateful. We firmly believe that running a business is not a zero-sum game, but a co-existence and co-prosperity with strategic partners. Therefore, we build Jin Zhenyuan into a strategic partner with suppliers, professional institutions and other strategic partners to develop and share the results, at the same time to lead the industry's future development of precision processing and surface treatment as one of the production, processing and R & d-related industry platform, has been our corporate development goals, we look forward to working with like-minded strategic partners to develop innovation and share the results, but also hope that our products can be widely used in high-quality end-customer products, to give back to the majority of consumers and the community, this is also the realization of Jin Zhenyuan's ultimate business philosophy of“Return to employees, return to customers, return to society, return to shareholders”.
冲突矿产声明: ★承诺所采购3TG物料之冶炼厂需为RMI合规冶炼厂或客户批准使用之冶炼厂.★承诺根据经合组织尽职调查指南对供应链进行尽职调查.★承诺不直接或间接采购用于直接或间接资助非国家武装团体之冲突矿产.★不得禁止从刚果金及其周边国家采购3TG.★金振源之供应商应向其上游供应商提出同样的冲突矿产管理要求.注:当各相关方发现但不限如下6种情况时可邮件至 承诺对举报人信息予以绝对保密.       A.与矿产开采、运输或贸易有关的严重侵权行为;      B.直接或间接支持非国家武装团体;      C.公共或私人安全武装;      D.行贿受贿及矿产原产地的欺诈性失实陈述;      E.关于洗钱;      F.向政府支付的税收、费用及特许费未进行披露